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- A brand new thrilling experience (for ages 16+)

There was News about missing women at the abandoned campground. Take up a challenge and find the mystery of these missing women. The locals in this area advise against camping over there. They say they have seen someone around that area but can't tell for sure.

Want to solve the mystery?

Find him before he finds you

Solve  the mystery of an abandoned campground

Ready to Play?

At NTER, we pride ourselves for being home to some of the best escape rooms in Texas. Our escape room experiences are designed to be exciting, safe, private, and fun. Choose your adventure! 

Location: Plano

60 minutes. 

per guest $33*

Killer's Campground is a 60-minutes escape room experience that features some difficult puzzles. This game is designed and intended for adults  and escape room enthusiasts above 16 years.

The optimal group size for this game is 4-6. 







60 Minutes

7+ people: $33 per person

4-6 people: $36 per person

2-3 people: $39 per person

  Private Experience
  Suitable for Ages 16+

  More Puzzles

Package Prices

Planning a birthday party, corporate team-building event, or group activity? We have just what you’re looking for. 

Premium pricing is applied for this game. The group size and game duration determine the price and difficulty level of our escape rooms in Plano, Texas.*

*This game is only for Ages 16+. 

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Tony Shelton says-

“My wife and I along with two other couples teamed up to take on The Dragon’s Curse escape room. We had a fantastic time. The teamwork and laughs really made the time special. Makenzie was our Game Master and was terrific.  We’ll go again and so should you!”