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Escape Rooms for Date Nights: A Perfect Idea

You have a date night planned, a table at your favorite restaurant, and it looks set to be a fun night. But the night is screaming for something extra. Sure, you could swap the restaurant date for a movie night, but do you want to go out and just stare at a screen? Doesn't a night where you talk, have fun, and do something a little more out-of-the-box sound so much better? Here's the perfect solution: playing an escape room game.

And here are four reasons why we think an escape room game will be perfect for your next date night.

Make it Memorable

A dinner or movie date is so routine that eventually, you can forget where you went, what you did, and what you saw. An escape room ensures a date night you both will never forget. Whether with your partner of years or on a first date, escape room dates are exciting, different, and quirky. They break through the need for boring small talk. There's so much to do, so many puzzles to solve that you will get closer to your date, making memories that you will remember forever.

Communicate Deeply

An escape room requires players to brainstorm, work together and communicate constantly. When you are on a first date, it can be intimidating to strike up conversations and find common ground. A communication rut can creep in even if you have been with your partner for years. Escape rooms force couples to work towards a common goal and discuss solutions and puzzles. What's more? It also makes for the perfect fodder for post-game dinner conversation.

Get to Know Each Other Better

Is there a better way to spend date night than getting to know your date/partner better? These games are a great way to discover each other in a laidback, fun, and exciting setting. With unusual story setups, these games force players into situations where they use hidden skills or reveal little-known facts about themselves. An excellent way for new couples to uncover each other's personalities and communication styles.

Have Fun

The best part about an escape room is that it's fun. Whether you are meeting each other for the first time or have known each other for eons, the last thing you want is a boring date. Escape rooms break the mundanity of restaurant dates and movie nights, bringing excitement and adventure to your date nights.

They are also great options for date nights with other couples. These games can add thrill to your night out and infuse a bit of healthy competition. Since escape rooms are much more fun with bigger groups, they are ideal for group date nights.

And if you and your partner are escape room enthusiasts, they can also be a special place to propose. If you are getting ready to ask your partner to marry you, escape rooms can be a fun, exciting, and memorable way to do so. At NTER, we love playing a small part in people's happily ever afters. We would happily help adapt one of our escape room games to execute your proposal.

Whether you are looking for a break from the routine or a date night that is exciting and new, escape rooms are the perfect venue. They promise an out-of-the-box experience and an adrenaline boost, making for date nights you will never forget.


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