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Five Reasons Why Escape Rooms are The Best Team Building Activity

Team building, the moment you hear this word, you can often hear sighs around the room. After all, there are only so many times that you can play the same get-to-know-each-other questions. Or attend a weekend team-building getaway with the same old activities and games. Team building needs to be more thoughtful so that your team not only betters its chemistry but also has fun.

The stress a team of professionals experiences daily can often affect their interactions. So, if you are in charge of conducting a team-building activity, you need a game that challenges players to think creatively, relieves stress, and gives them a common goal to work together towards. This is where escape room games come in.

1. Escape Rooms Boost Team Bonds and Enhance Communication:

If your team has been working virtually or in hybrid mode, they are probably not feeling as connected as before. One thing about escape rooms you must remember? They depend on players talking to each other and working together. Teams must work together to find clues and be each other's biggest cheerleaders to solve missions on time. Solving challenging puzzles may require everyone to contribute and develop out-of-the-box ideas. Is there a better way to encourage team spirit?

2. Escape Rooms Encourage Quick Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

Sure, your team will go into an escape room expecting multiple puzzles and codes, but is there a way for them to prepare? Escape rooms force players to think on their feet and solve puzzles while racing against a clock. If a team is used to doing things a certain way, escape rooms can force them to adopt a new perspective and use new strategies. It is a great way to practice skills they require at work in a more fun environment.

3. Escape Rooms Reveal Hidden Strengths

Everyone has a fixed role when working in a standard office setup. But players are forced to step up to different challenges in an escape room and take the lead. Observing team members in a different setting can often be interesting and enlightening. You will notice how someone you didn't expect to be as good at solving codes, using unique strategies, and decoding the most challenging puzzles. It's a great way to reveal yet-undiscovered strengths.

4. Escape Rooms Improve Time Management

Since most escape rooms have a fixed duration to solve the game, players must work within a strict time frame. Usually, this means that the team needs to delegate tasks properly, take up individual puzzles, and then come together as a group to put it all together. This is a great exercise that can be applied to real-world situations.

5. Escape Rooms Reveal Natural Leaders

Not all groups are well-oiled machines, and some need leaders. To solve a puzzle effectively and solve escape room games, a team may look to one person to keep everyone going and ensure that the team is on track. This often means that escape room games can reveal hidden leaders in the group, which can be used in the corporate setting.

What also works in favor of escape room games is that compared to weekend team retreats, these are affordable and not as time-consuming. You can also choose from different themes and games, picking an adventure you know your team will be interested in. At NTER, we have 11 unique games you can choose from at our Plano and McKinney locations.

Escape room games enhance skills and talents that the team already has and boost team bonds, morale, and motivation.


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