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Thinking about a brisk hike in the woods?

A stroll in nature?

Peaceful sounds of birds chirping and water streams coming from the lake…

Think again.

Welcome to Killer’s Campground, our NEW horror escape room experience at our North Texas Escape Rooms (NTER), Plano location! We as a team have worked hard to make this succeed for our clients to enjoy. With a creative look and spooky narrative, we strived to make this experience specifically for our older audiences to enjoy! Like Rome not built in a day, the process came with time and tons of patience. Just ask Aurora, our storyteller and creator of Killer’s Campground.

Q: How did this idea begin?

Aurora: The Idea began when the partners were thinking about making something scary for Halloween. I do enjoy things that are spooky, so I volunteered to create this project.

Q: What was your vision for this project?

Aurora: My vision for this project was to add scary elements, but make it work with what we had already which was a Summer Camp Escape Room prior. We didn’t want to keep the old puzzles, so I decided to change the narrative. I wanted to completely shift gears and make your childhood memories turn into your adult nightmares.

Q: Did you know it was going to be horror themed?

Aurora: Yes, but I also had the support of the owners and my manager throughout the whole process. I knew that my imagination was the limit to create something this new yet terrifying.